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Welcome to the City of London’s simulated budget exercise. This educational exercise allows you to: learn more about what services your property tax dollars support; to provide input on where you would like to see more or less spending in the future; and experience the types of decisions City Staff and City Council face when developing and approving budgets.

This year, the City of London, for the first time in history, is seeking City Council approval on a multi-year budget approach that cover years 2016-2019.

London City Council approved a new Strategic Plan on March 10, 2015 (100 days into their 4-year term). Linking the strategies included in this plan to a multi-year budget process provides accountability between what is achieved and the cost to the taxpayer. This process will also provide greater certainty to tax payers about the future direction of taxes.

On January 11, 2016 City Staff proposed an annual average tax levy increase from rates of 3.1% (approx. $85 on a home assessed at $221,000) which is comprised of a recommended annual average increase of 2.6% ($71 of $85) for the base operating budget and consideration of an additional average annual increase of 0.5% ($14 of $85) for strategic investments.

How will this feedback be used?

Feedback from this tool will be provided to members of City Council for consideration during the budget process. For other opportunities to provide input during the budget process and to see updated summaries of resident input from the tool, click here.

This short video will assist you in understanding “How your City Budget Works”. To see other financial related videos done by the City of London, click here.

How it works?

Input the assessed value of your home into the space provided below or use the London pre-set average assessed home value of $221,000 to visualize how much money is currently spent on services offered by the City of London.

If you are uncertain of what assessed value means or are unsure of where to find this information, click here.

Base Budget Exercise: after learning how much of your property tax bill is spent on each service, please use the sliding scales provided to indicate if you would like to see an increase or decrease to a specific service over the next four years.

Strategic Investments: this list identifies projects and initiatives from Council’s Strategic Plan that require additional funding throughout the 2016-2019 Multi-Year Budget. Please indicate which projects and initiatives you support by using the yes/no slider.

Get a summary of the decisions you made and share with your friends, family and your local councillor!